Balancing Parenting and Full-Time Work

Chauffeuring kids to school and activities.

Shopping and cooking.

Homework. Housework. Laundry. The lawn.

Oh – and don’t forget your job!

If your kids are headed back to school, you’ll likely be pulled in more directions than ever. How can you get it all done without feeling guilty or losing your sanity in the process? Here are a few tips for balancing full-time work with being a parent:

Examine your priorities.

Each of us has a unique set of goals, responsibilities, needs and wants. For some, eating dinner as a family is non-negotiable. For others, maximizing income and fast-tracking career progress is essential. The question is: What’s most important to you? Determine what matters most to your overall fulfillment as a human being – and use that as the focal point for setting your priorities.

Set limits at work.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day. And if you’re a working parent, you know how precious every minute is! If you’re a people-pleaser by nature, you may need to set better limits and boundaries at work:

  • Learn how and when to selectively say “no.”
  • Set limits on your after-hours accessibility (and stick to them).
  • Find ways to stay focused on the job, so that you’re fully present – especially when you’re doing high-focus tasks. Silence your phone. Close your door. Close open tabs and applications (especially email and messaging) on your computer.

Saying “no” and setting limits can be tough but establishing healthy boundaries will prevent work from sabotaging your home life – and ultimately lower your stress levels.

Share responsibilities at home.

If you have a partner or spouse, discuss options to equally distribute parenting work. Each situation and relationship is unique, of course, but you can share, shift or rotate responsibilities by simply starting a conversation and brainstorming options. This will help you get a little closer to the balance you deserve.

Talk to your boss.

If you’re overloaded at work – and you’re sure you’re not the cause of the problem – request a sit-down meeting to discuss your concerns. Find out what resources or flex work options might be available to reduce conflicts between home and work.

Options might include flextime, telecommuting, compressed workweeks and job sharing. During your conversation, focus on solutions, make it clear that work is a priority for you, and remind your boss that a better balance will make you a happier, more focused and productive employee.

Temporary Work: A Great Way to Supplement Your Income

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