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Proofread, Proofread, Proofread!

By PrideStaff Posted in Career Best Practices

A study on recruiting from 2010 found that a single typo is enough to have one in four executives immediately toss your resume in the garbage! Here is how to make sure you catch all typos before the hiring manager does!
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Fort Lauderdale, FL Staffing Agencies

By PrideStaff Posted in Hot Jobs

The best jobs near Fort Lauderdale, FL are right here.


Owners/Strategic-Partners Robert and Carmen Calamia work diligently to ensure that candidates have an outstanding experience and view PrideStaff as job search partners, not just another staffing agency. Their team takes great pride in serving the community, while matching light industrial, administrative and financial professionals with positions in local businesses.


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Temporary Staffing Use on the Rise

By PrideStaff Posted in Recruiting, Management Best Practices

In decades past, temporary employees were only used as short-term fill-ins when employees called in sick or went on vacation. But in recent years, skills shortages, economic uncertainty and changing healthcare legislation have vastly changed the way we utilize contingent staff. Smart employers no longer consider temporary employees a "band-aid" solution, but a strategic workforce management tool.
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Modesto, CA Staffing Agency

By PrideStaff Posted in Hot Jobs

The best jobs in Modesto, CA are right here.


Part of the PrideStaff team since 1999, Strategic-Partner Alisa Torlai stays enthusiastic because she loves meeting and assisting new job seekers. Alisa personally reviews quality surveys from candidates, to continuously improve the service her office provides. Her team will take the time to make a personal connection with you and understand what you really want from your job.


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Gulfport, MS Staffing and Employment Agencies

By PrideStaff Posted in Hot Jobs

The best jobs near Gulfport, MS are right here.


Gary Carmichael, Strategic-Partner and C.S.P., uses his expertise to connect Gulfport job seekers with the best jobs in the area. He starts by listening to people and identifying their needs, and then uses his strong internal drive to help them succeed in their search for work. The opportunity to help Pridestaff associates find best-fit jobs is what keeps Gary and his team coming to work each day with smiles on their faces.


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Why Irrational Optimism Makes So Much Sense

By PrideStaff

Have you seen the More Cowbell sketch from Saturday Night Live? It’s more than funny- it’s a metaphor for a successful work life. Everyone has at least one cowbell — it’s your unique, profitable talent people pay you for or your company's unique offering. It’s something people have a fever for. When you discover it and give those people a ton of it, you gain success and happiness for both yourself and others. It’s a win-win.

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