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How to Sell Your Organization to a Job Candidate

By PrideStaff Posted in Hiring Tips, Recruiting

PrideStaff explains ways to actively promote your opportunity to job seekers, to land the best candidates when qualified talent is in short supply.
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Do the Skills Fit the Job

By PrideStaff Posted in Hiring Tips, Recruiting

In this post, PrideStaff explains why, when candidates are in short supply, it's more important to hire for fit than skills. This post outlines a few reasons why hiring a candidate for fit is crucial.
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Fresno, CA Staffing Agencies

By PrideStaff Posted in Hot Jobs

The best jobs near Fresno, CA are right here.


Stefanie Schwartz built her career as a direct recruiter.  Now, as PrideStaff Fresno's Strategic-Partner, she and her team are dedicated to making a difference in job seekers' lives by finding the right opportunity for each candidate.


If you're looking for jobs near Fresno, here are two hot opportunities:


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How to Handle a Counter Offer

By PrideStaff Posted in Career Best Practices

You've done it.


After months of phone calls, networking events, resume submissions and interviews, you've finally received an exciting job offer. Congratulations! Giving your two week's notice is going to be difficult, but you're prepared – or so you think.


What will you do if your current employer counters?


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Charlotte North, NC Staffing Agencies

By PrideStaff Posted in Hot Jobs

The best jobs in Charlotte North, NC are right here.


Owner/Strategic-Partner L.A. (Chip) Tomlinson has learned, through experience, how important it is to create a great match between job seeker and employer. He and his team of recruiting experts take great care in interviewing, selecting and placing each individual who comes to PrideStaff looking for work. Ultimately, Chip knows that his employees' success determines his own level of success.


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Preparing for a Panel Interview

By PrideStaff Posted in Job Search Tips, Job Seeker

You were thrilled to be called in for an interview.


And then you learned that it was going to be a panel format.


To increase efficiency and shorten the hiring cycle, more employers are using a panel or group of interviewers. This option may make things easier for them, but it can make the situation even more daunting for you – if you're unprepared.


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