5 Creative Ways to Capture Candidate Attention During a Talent Shortage

It’s a recruiting jungle out there!

And right now, it seems like the denizens (i.e., potential candidates) are hiding out, lying in wait…or just camouflaging themselves. Whatever they’re doing, they’re certainly not applying to your jobs, right? In fact, the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics data puts the number of job openings at more than 10 million – the highest level recorded in the two decades it has tracked the data.

Once you’ve covered the basics like paying a competitive wage, writing strong job postings, and executing sound recruiting strategies – how can you make your business stand out and attract more qualified job seekers in today’s market?

It’s time to think creatively.

Below, PrideStaff’s expert recruiters share a few out-of-the-box ideas to capture candidates’ attention – even during a talent drought:

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1. Create a recruitment video.

Video really grabs people by the eyeballs – and it helps your online content rank even higher (further boosting attention). Put together a branded video that shows potential candidates what it’s really like to work for your company. You could include a tour of your location, interviews with successful employees, information about your culture and values, or anything else that sets your organization apart.

2. Leverage that video.

Producing a video isn’t enough. If you want it to get noticed by the right people, consider these ideas:

    1. Add it to your career site.
    2. Post it on your social media.
    3. Link to it from your job postings.
    4. Play it at career fairs or other hiring events you attend.
    5. As long as it adheres to your social media policy, ask employees to share the video on their personal accounts.

3. Turn your employees into brand ambassadors.

Outfit your team with recruiting t-shirts (branded to your company) that say, “Ask me why I love my job so much!” or something similar. Then, create a friendly competition that recognizes and rewards employees for referring candidates to you.

4. Transform dull job postings into true recruiting advertisements.

A laundry list of job duties and requirements isn’t likely to capture the attention of busy job seekers who have lots of options. Breathe new life into your postings by:

    1. Leading with a question that addresses a pain point your ideal candidate might have.
    2. Detailing the WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) for job seekers: what they stand to gain by working for your organization.
    3. Explaining aspects of the role or your company that are truly unique (and if there’s nothing notable about either, maybe it’s time to change that).
    4. Creating FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Frame your job in a way that makes a potential candidate think they’re missing out on a fantastic culture, exciting responsibilities or greater advancement potential, etc.

5. Kick it old school.

With so many digital ways to capture attention, it’s easy to overlook traditional and lower-tech advertising methods like billboards, radio, storefront, bus and public transit, and more. Wherever you try to reach job seekers, make simple to apply from a mobile device: QR codes work great.

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