6 Tips for Adjusting to Workdays in the Office After Working Remote

Is it time to head back to your workplace?

It might be a bit tougher than just switching from sweatpants to dress pants.

After a year (or more) of working remotely, you’ve likely been forced to adapt the way you work, communicate, manage distractions and plan your time. You’ve also probably changed the way you interact with coworkers, managers, customers, and vendors.

Now that you’re heading back into the office, how can you make the transition as successful and smooth as possible?

Below, our national employment agency shares six tips for readjusting to workdays in an office environment:

1. Expect to experience some anxiety.

It’s completely natural to have some trepidation about going back to your workplace. But although you may not be able to avoid it, you can take control of it. Drop your shoulders, take a deep breath, and read this post for tips on how to manage return-to-work anxiety – and productively channel your anxiety on the job.

2. Set aside time to reestablish your workspace.

After a year of working from the comfort of your home, you’ll want to make your on-site workspace feel like home again, too. Make sure your tech setup is ready to go, stock your supplies and personalize your space (while adhering to your company’s policies) so you’re efficient and comfortable.

3. Continue to overcommunicate.

Succeeding as a remote employee required frequent, proactive, and complete communication. Now that you’re all working under the same roof, don’t fall into the trap of assuming everyone now knows what you’re doing. Keep those great communication habits going, especially if your company is operating in a hybrid model.

4. Set a meeting cadence with your boss.

As your workplace (and potentially your job) continues to evolve, it’s important to meet your boss regularly. Together, you can keep track of your progress, touch base about priorities and active projects, and keep your career on track.

5. Avoid the pitfalls of workplace distractions.

The water cooler. Your inbox. Meeting after meeting. All of these workplace realities rob you of productive time. As you return to the office, do everything you can to maximize your time for focused work:

    1. Periodically close your door (if you have one) or turn on your DND and set your status to “away.”
    2. Schedule time for activities like checking/returning email and chatting with coworkers.
    3. Plan short breaks. Research shows that scheduling “distraction time” gives your brain a break and allows it to restore a high level of function rapidly.

6. Reconnect with your coworkers.

Now that you’re seeing your team face to face each day, strengthen those bonds by grabbing lunch together – or even just a cup of coffee – to catch up. After a year of Zoom calls, Slack, and email, nurturing your workplace relationships will help you feel more comfortable on-site and re-energize your company culture.

Additional resources for readjusting to workdays in the office:

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