A Wake-Up Call for Company Culture: How Your Business Should Be Shifting

Times have changed over the past two years. And changed. And changed again.

And the ways people connect within companies to share the values, beliefs, and attitudes that create a thriving company culture have undergone a radical transformation as well.

Amidst the Great Resignation, the Sansdemic, and the ongoing talent crisis, company culture has never been more important. Employers need to find new ways to connect the employees who make up their culture.

Here’s what your business should be doing to strengthen your company culture to create a superior employee experience that will attract and retain high-performing employees.

Focus on inclusion.

Whether your company is continuing remote or hybrid work, or has returned to the office full-time, employees may be feeling the distance that the last two years have created. Your team may need extra encouragement to move out of their pandemic bubble. Create opportunities for engagement like:

  • team-building exercises
  • field trips, in-person or virtual
  • team celebrations, online or in the office

Make sure you include all members of the company, not just the ones who speak up about wanting to connect. A feeling of belonging is central to positive company culture, and that feeling is created by outreach, respect, and acceptance for all.

Create employee engagement.

As companies have spread out over home offices and other locations, it has become more challenging to provide engagement opportunities for employees. Employees need motivation to continue producing their best work. That motivation comes from within for many, but it’s also important to provide opportunities to continue growing and learning. Help your employees stay engaged and productive by providing:

  • professional development opportunities
  • mentorship programs
  • frequent check-ins
  • a thorough onboarding process

Communicate company values.

A key element of great company culture is employees who are fully invested in the company’s mission and values. After so long apart and so much uncertainty, employees may need a refresher on how—and why—their work is meaningful. Leadership should remain visible, reinforce the importance of employees’ work, and keep in touch with daily operations.

Recognize effort and achievement.

Employee recognition is a great way to create a positive company culture. Create a channel through which leadership and employees can regularly share and celebrate wins. Showing appreciation for effort and achievement is a great way to motivate employees to continue doing their best work.

Get feedback.

It’s likely company culture—and the needs of employees—will continue to change. Make sure you have a system in place to take the “cultural temperature” of your workforce. A few ways to get feedback on employee experience include:

  • surveys
  • one-on-one check-ins
  • open-door days
  • pulse checks

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