Are People Yelling, “Put me in, coach!”?

How deep is your bench – your talent bench, that is?

If you don’t have a line of superstars ready to “step up to the plate” for your organization, your bench may need a little more depth. Because in a talent-starved market, the companies that continually build their team of high performers will consistently outpace their competitors.

So do you want to lead the way, or always be one step behind?

The answer may be obvious to you, but the ways to build your talent bench may not. Today, PrideStaff shares three tactics for ensuring you always have the great people you need:

Take a proactive approach. You probably know what positions you need to fill today. But do you know what your talent needs will be in six months, a year or beyond that? By analyzing your future talent needs, you can start addressing them now. To get started, consider:

  • Long-term company goals.
  • Key competencies your business will require to meet its goals.
  • Availability of talent (both externally and internally, which we cover below).
  • Talent gaps – including who will be needed and who may be leaving (e.g., turnover and retirement).

Once you understand your future talent needs, you can use a number of tools – from succession planning and cross training to mentoring and targeted recruiting – to keep your bench full.

Continually develop your internal talent. It’s no secret – high performers want to work for organizations that provide clear career paths and ample opportunities for growth and advancement. Thankfully, you probably already have several superstars on your team. Make sure you’re maximizing their potential!

Take inventory of your current talent pool, identifying promising employees who demonstrate a desire to learn and challenge themselves. Then, use these tips to develop career paths for those individuals – and improve their value to your organization.  

Outsource portions of your hiring process. Some jobs are extremely difficult to fill internally or through traditional recruiting methods. Other times, your need for talent may be immediate. By outsourcing recruiting to PrideStaff, we can shorten your time-to hire, handle the time-consuming aspects of sourcing and screening, and consistently deliver high performers. Best of all, you only pay for our services if you hire a candidate we refer – and we guarantee results.

Don’t have enough employees yelling, “Put me in, coach!”?

Let’s change that, starting today. As a leading national employment agency, PrideStaff specializes in finding top talent – especially for tough-to-fill positions. Contact PrideStaff today to learn how our Workforce Growth Solutions and On Target fulfillment process can ensure you always have a bench of ready talent.