Are You Getting Burned? Time for some career sunscreen…

When your business heats up, make sure your employees don’t get burned – burned out, that is.

Burnout isn’t just caused by heavy workloads (although that’s often a prime culprit). Research shows that employees burnout from a combination of factors, including exhaustion, cynicism and the belief that they’re not able to fulfill the requirements of their jobs.

And the costs to your organization are huge. Job burnout results in:

  • Reduced employee engagement and morale
  • Higher turnover rates
  • Lower productivity
  • Increased absenteeism
  • Decreased quality of service for internal and external customers

Ultimately, hiring and training new employees, fixing mistakes, and satisfying upset customers equate to huge financial losses for your company.

No business can afford that.

How can you nip burnout in the bud, before it scorches your employees and your company? Use PrideStaff’s tips for “applying a little career sunscreen”:

Quit micromanaging.
Employees who have no control over their work are less engaged – and subject to burnout. On the flip side, bosses who make their employees feel capable and competent boost satisfaction and productivity. Whenever possible, provide clear instructions to employees, and then allow them to complete work as they see fit.

Build more fun into the work day.
“Fun breaks” are a needed escape from employees’ demanding schedules. Find simple, quick and inclusive ways for your team to take short mental vacations. Here are a few ideas:

  • Playing catch with Nerf balls
  • Wastebasket basketball
  • 5-minute trivia
  • Short walk or stretch

Do whatever works for your team. Just make sure the ideas are free, fun and provide a fast break, during which employees can recharge and refocus.

Recognize achievements.
When employees are recognized for their efforts, they work harder – and are often better able to cope with the rigors of their jobs. Make sure your organization provides both formal and informal opportunities for all types of workers to be recognized for their achievements. Create a program that’s consistent, timely and in-line with your company’s ideals.

Provide greater flexibility.
When your workers have to forego family or personal obligations because of work, they can become resentful and cynical – which can lead to disengagement and burnout. Consider offering compressed workweeks, telecommuting options, job sharing or flexible start/stop times to reduce work/life conflicts that contribute to job stress.

Reduce burnout with the right staffing support.
PrideStaff provides flexible staffing services to alleviate the stress that position vacancies, special projects, fluctuating workloads or tight deadlines can cause your team. Contact your local PrideStaff office today to learn more.