Are You In Love…With Your Job?

It’s 6:30 a.m. on Monday and your alarm has just gone off.  Do you:

A.      Smile and jump out of bed – it’s another day of work!

B.      Sigh, get up and count your blessings – after all, you do have a good job.

C.      Hit the snooze, throw a pillow over your head and try to block out the horror of facing ANOTHER day of work.

Some of us have found our dream jobs, while others dream of greener pastures.  The question is:  where do you fall along this spectrum?  Consider the following:

  • Is your job a fulfilling part of your life?
  • If you were to lose your current job tomorrow, would you search for an identical position with a similar company?
  • Does your job provide the amount of challenge you desire?
  • Are you progressing along a well-defined career path?
  • Is your supervisor both a mentor and a capable manager?
  • Do you enjoy collaborating with your co-workers?
  • Does your current job afford you a healthy work/life balance?

If you answered “Yes” to most of these, you’re in an enviable position.  You’re one of the fortunate few who’s found a career that’s rewarding, fulfilling and supports your professional development.

But if you answered “No” to several, it may indicate that you really don’t like (let alone love) your job.  While you don’t have to love your job to perform adequately, being happy in your work does have its advantages:

  • You have more energy to put into success.  Doing work you love creates a virtuous circle.  When you enjoy your work, it actually energizes you – giving you more energy to put into doing your work well.
  • You feel more confident.  You will always feel more confident doing what comes naturally to you than doing something which makes you uncomfortable or unhappy.
  • Persistence is easier for you.  At some point, we all experience career challenges.  Love for your work provides a sustainable source of energy that can give you the stamina needed to work through occasional difficulties.
  • You enjoy the rest of your life more.  The way you feel about what you do during your workday (whether it’s positive or negative) inevitably affects how you feel during the rest of your life as well.

Not loving your job?  PrideStaff can help.

Whether it’s the culture, the lack of career development opportunity, or a difficult manager that’s causing your dissatisfaction, it’s important to remember that you do have options.

Make PrideStaff one of those options.  Our staffing specialists can help you examine your skills, interests and career goals.  With offices across the nation, and a wide range of administrative jobs, professional jobs, IT jobs and light industrial jobs, we can match you with an opportunity you truly love.  Contact the PrideStaff office in your area to find out more about great local job opportunities.