As Gas Prices Soar, Here Are Alternatives to Ride Sharing and Food Delivery Jobs

Gotta pay the bills, right?

But finding the best way to work depends on what you are looking for from a job—and your life.

The popularity of gig work soared during the height of the pandemic, with many workers enjoying the flexibility and autonomy of working for grocery or food delivery services. Ridesharing apps like Lyft and Uber also provided an easy way for job seekers to make extra cash while setting their own hours and meeting interesting people throughout their workday.

However, now that pandemic restrictions have eased, more people are dining out, creating less demand for food delivery. Gas prices are soaring due to the cost of crude oil, making driving for ridesharing apps significantly more expensive. These factors, along with the economic downturn, make gig work less appealing to workers who require steady paychecks.

If you’re looking for an alternative to a traditional full-time job but crave schedule flexibility, here are 7 reasons to consider working with a temporary staffing agency:

Steady paychecks. Gig work is unpredictable, depending on the ebb and flow of clients who require services. Temporary work provides regular pay, allowing job seekers to know when and how much money will come in each week.

Schedule flexibility. Temporary employees can choose which assignments they accept, allowing them to plan their schedule in advance. If an assignment isn’t working out, they can request reassignment, maintaining their income while enjoying their work.

Less risk. In gig work, there is little recourse if the job falls through. In temporary work, employees are assured they will be paid what they have been promised for every job.

Great benefits. Many staffing companies provide access to employee benefits, including health insurance, 401(k) plans, paid time off, holiday pay, and more.

Increased safety. Temporary employment agencies don’t take safety for granted. They often visit worksites and provide safety orientation and training to ensure that workers remain safe on the job.

HR support. Staffing agencies handle paycheck processing, benefit administration, and compliance issues, providing support for employees who might not understand how to handle these challenges on their own.

Career growth. Many temporary positions offer full-time hire opportunities, providing a path of upward mobility in the company if desired. Your recruiter becomes your employment partner, aware of your goals and alert for opportunities to help you reach them.

When you work through PrideStaff, you’re an Associate: a valuable member of our team. Your happiness and success matter to us, and we focus on what you value most—whether that’s schedule flexibility, consistent employment, or taking on new challenges. Let us help you find your best way to work. Contact your local PrideStaff recruiter today!

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