Back to School – Replacing Summer Help

The back to school ads are everywhere, and you know what that means?

Your summer workforce is heading out the door.

While many of those employees may be seasonal workers, the current employment market can make it extremely challenging to replace even one of your summer staff members. If your great workers are returning to the classroom, here are a few ways to replace that talent and fill gaps in your workforce:

If you need short-term help:

Use temporary associates. If you only anticipate needing additional help for a few days, weeks or months, temporary workers can step in immediately to help get your work done until your summer surge is over.

If you need long-term help:

Leverage temporary to hire services. Also known as temp to hire, this service option provides the short-term coverage you need, and allows you to evaluate a temporary associate’s performance and culture fit on the job – before extending an offer for direct employment.

Use a wide variety of recruiting sources:

If you’re certain you need to hire, cast a wide net to connect with potential candidates via:

  • Referrals. Those great employees who are leaving know the requirements of the job better than anyone. They may know others who could step in and take their place. But don’t stop there; your other employees, clients, vendors, colleagues, family and friends are also potential sources of qualified referrals.
  • Social media. Depending on the type of role you need to fill, platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and even Instagram may prove ideal for recruiting talent – in fact, we use them every day! In this post, we share social strategies PrideStaff uses to help employers like you hire top talent.
  • Smaller and niche job boards. Replacing specialized workers? If you’re disappointed with the results from major job boards like CareerBuilder, Monster or Indeed, a less-trafficked specialty board may allow you to widen your pool of candidates and decrease the competition your posting is up against.

Need to replace summer help?

 Use the tips in this earlier post. “How to Use Temporary Staffing to Fill Workforce Gaps” is packed with great ideas you can implement to bridge talent gaps created when summer workers return to school.

Then, give us a call. PrideStaff’s Workforce Growth Solutions deliver qualified temporary employees on a just-in-time basis to manage changing workforce needs, while our On Target fulfillment process eliminates chance and inconsistency in hiring to guarantee great results.  Contact your local PrideStaff office to learn more.