What Companies Might Be Hiring During a Crisis?

If you’re recently furloughed, laid off or fear you might be soon, you may be panicking right now.

Lots of employers are too, but for completely different reasons. During a crisis like the one we’re currently facing, employers in many sectors experience huge surges in demand – and are scrambling to find skilled, dependable people like you to meet it.

You can find work in this economy; you just need to look in the right places. While COVID-19 sweeps across the nation, you can answer the call of duty by lending your talents to companies in industries like these:

Industries that May Be Hiring During the Pandemic:

  • Healthcare. Logically, healthcare providers are hiring clinical and support staff to meet the surge in patients. In addition to nurses, physicians and medical assistants, however, these organizations also need janitorial workers, medical administrative staff, food service workers and more.
  • Logistics, supply chain and distribution. Right now, manufacturers, warehouses, distribution centers and transportation companies need help moving both raw materials and finished products across the country and around the globe. Warehouse associates, material handlers, pickers/packers, forklift operators, truck drivers and other workers will be in high demand for the foreseeable future.
  • Healthcare manufacturing. Manufacturing facilities are working around the clock to produce life-saving equipment, testing supplies, personal protective equipment (PPE) and other products. As demand continues to rise, so will manufacturers’ need for assemblers, production assistants, machine operators, quality control managers and other manufacturing personnel.
  • Construction. The construction industry is playing a critical role in response to this pandemic; construction workers and general laborers will be needed to help build both healthcare and manufacturing facilities.
  • Service and maintenance. To save money, more Americans will opt to fix instead of replace things. Service, repair and maintenance specialists of all types will be in high demand, to work on everything from cars and household appliances to commercial equipment.
  • Low-cost retail. Consumers are extremely cost-conscious right now; stores carrying generic brands will need staff to keep their stores stocked, clean and running efficiently.
  • Grocery. Local grocers and national chains need people to clean their stores overnight and deliver groceries to customers who shop online.

Looking for a good job where you can make a meaningful impact?

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