Do’s and Don’ts of Temping

“If a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well.”

At PrideStaff, we believe this adage is as relevant for temporary assignments as it is direct positions!

Whether your assignment is short-term or long-term, entry-level or professional, there’s a right way (and a wrong way) to work as a temporary employee. Today, we’re sharing a practical list of do’s and don’ts for temping, so you can make the most of every experience:


Arrive early. Give yourself adequate time (especially on the first day of an assignment) to get organized and acclimated before your scheduled start time. This way, if you have questions or need work materials, you’ll have time to address these issues and be productive by the time your work day starts.

Dress for the job. Dressing appropriately for the assignment will help you fit in, perform better and feel more confident in your role.

Display a positive attitude – every day. Make a conscious choice to approach each new work situation constructively – you never know where it may lead!  Be optimistic, even when you’re a little outside your comfort zone. Your attitude will be appreciated by co-workers and managers alike, and set the stage for a great working relationship.

Listen and clarify. Most employers have specific systems and procedures already in place, some of which may be different from the way you typically complete work. So when you receive instructions, pay close attention. Take notes. If any instructions are unclear, ask for clarification.

Update your resume as you complete assignments. Include the new skills and experience you acquire as you go. This way, if an employer is interested in you as a direct hire candidate, your resume will accurately reflect your qualifications for the job.


Sit around idle. Show some initiative! If you finish ahead of schedule, don’t wait for a supervisor to come find you – ask for more work. Not only will you earn a reputation as a hard worker; you’ll be the first in line for future choice assignments as well as direct opportunities.

Get involved in office politics. As “the new person,” it’s easy to get caught up in workplace drama. Resist the urge! Strive to remain neutral, avoid office gossip / politics and focus on the job at hand.  If conflict is making your work difficult, contact your PrideStaff staffing coordinator immediately.

Spend time on your personal device. Unless personal calls, social networking and internet surfing are part of the assignment’s description, don’t use your smartphone or tablet during work. Likewise, do not use an employer’s equipment for personal use. Conduct personal business outside of your work hours and assignment location.

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