Drones. Self-Driving Cars. Robot Armies.

Take a look around your company.

Are your employees inspired to greatness? Do you embrace calculated risk? Are teams and individuals incentivized for challenging the status quo?

No? Then you’re probably not innovating. Innovation is cultivated by corporate cultures that:

  • promote the development of great ideas
  • build teams that collaborate well
  • support reasonable risk-taking
  • view failures as setbacks and learning experiences
  • spur creativity
  • tolerate healthy conflict

Some companies do it a lot better than others. If you’re looking for ways to foster greater innovation in your company, check out these amazing examples to get inspired:

Ambulance drones. Traditional ambulances are critical in emergency situations, but sometimes disaster strikes far away from paved roads – making it virtually impossible for victims in remote areas to quickly get the life-saving care they need. The Ambulance Drone is an amazing “flying first-aid kit” which overcomes location challenges by flying in emergency supplies (including an automated defibrillator and other essential equipment) via drone – enabling anyone to administer life-saving first-aid.

Self-driving cars. When it comes to innovation, Google practically wrote the book. Right now, they’re testing and refining a prototype car that literally drives itself! Equipped with sophisticated sensors, the vehicles are designed to take passengers anywhere they want to go with a simple push of the button (no driving required) to:

  • make independent travel a reality for aging or visually impaired individuals
  • reduce deaths from traffic accidents due to human error

Robot armies (the productive – not destructive – kind). Amazon has deployed warehouses full of robots to get the products you order online to your front door, faster. You can watch how, here. Orange robots the size and shape of ottomans whisk around their warehouses, rapidly picking products and delivering them right to associates for packing and shipping.  Able to lift 750 lbs., Amazon’s robot army reduces order-processing time from over an hour to under 15 minutes in some cases.

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