Eliminating HR Headaches: Apps to Ease Your Workplace Issues



You’ve read the hashtags, heard the stories in the news, and seen the tide of black formal wear on the red carpet.

But despite a recent wave of high-profile firings, sexual harassment is still grossly underreported in the workplace. One of the primary reasons?

Individuals who are sexually harassed fear being retaliated against or fired.

A large portion of sexual harassment claims filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) are “retaliation” claims, in which the claimant states they were demoted, fired or harassed for speaking up. So, rather than filing a report and dealing with the fallout, many harassment victims simply choose to stay silent.

As an HR professional, what can you do to make employees more comfortable reporting workplace issues like sexual harassment? These apps may encourage staff to address issues without having to run into your office:

AllVoices. This app allows any employee to anonymously report instances of harassment, discrimination, or bias they witness or experience to the appropriate company management. Data is encrypted to ensure anonymity, and the app comes with a dashboard that allows HR to track employee reporting trends over time.

STOPit. This app (which has a user-friendly mobile version) offers a simple, fast and robust solution to reporting inappropriate behaviors as well as managing employment risks. It quickly connects people reporting harassment to individuals who can resolve their issues. The app also includes a backend system to facilitate anonymous two-way communication and expedite effective investigations.

tEQuitable. This is an independent, confidential tool that empowers employees by providing a confidential way to report workplace issues like bias, discrimination and harassment. Employees use a private digital platform and confidential calls with trained professionals to get advice and create an action plan that’s right for their situation. For employers, tEQuitable aggregates data to measure employee sentiments, identify opportunities to improve corporate culture, and prevent future incidents.

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