Who Said Good Things Can’t Be Free?!

A brand-new Mercedes.

A weeklong stay at a luxury resort on a tropical island.

A waterfront vacation home in Martha’s Vineyard.

Good things like these always come with a hefty price tag, right?

Well, not always! Take staffing and employment agencies like PrideStaff, for instance. Each year, we put tens of thousands to people to work – and we never charge job seekers a fee.

So, what’s the catch?

There isn’t one. PrideStaff’s services are free to job seekers, period. We provide a business-to-business service and are compensated by our clients.

People also sometimes wonder if we keep a portion of what they earn. We don’t! We charge clients a service in addition to your pay rate, so we never take a portion of your pay.

Our goal is to get you the best possible pay rate for any position, be it temporary, temp to hire or direct hire. PrideStaff’s experts continually compile salary data to ensure that pay rates for our clients’ assignments and direct hire positions are competitive. In fact, due to critical talent shortages, many of our jobs pay at or above market rate.

Have other questions about PrideStaff’s services?

Visit our Job Seeker FAQs.

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Contact your local PrideStaff office to get the answers you need.

Looking for a new job – or even considering making a change?

Now is the perfect time to establish a relationship with a PrideStaff recruiter. As we explain in this earlier post, the right recruiter can help you:

  • Get valuable career advice by critically examining your skills, training and experience.
  • Identify the ideal opportunities for you, making your job search more efficient.
  • Connect with unadvertised job opportunities, available exclusively through PrideStaff.
  • Preserve your anonymity, until you decide you’d like to pursue an opportunity.
  • Find career-building assignments to help you gain experience and/or transition to a new field.
  • Simplify your job search. When you apply with us, we do the tedious, job-search legwork for you. You are instantly considered for assignments that are right for you, without having to respond to dozens of job postings.
  • And did we mention our services are free?

You have nothing to lose – and everything to gain. So, what are you waiting for? Browse jobs in your field or sign up for free customized job alerts.