Hiring for Longevity

You found a great candidate.

You invested tons of time and money in training him.

Three months later, he walked out the door.

What went wrong?

Nothing is worse than bringing an exceptional new hire on board, only to have him quit a few weeks or months later. Turnover is expensive, disruptive and demoralizing.

Obviously, your goal is to hire a stable, productive team of people committed to your company. But if you don’t have a crystal ball, how can you tell whether a potential employee will stick with you? Today, PrideStaff shares our tips to better gauge a candidate’s likelihood of longevity:

  • Screen out job hoppers. If longevity is of primary importance, steer clear of candidates who can’t seem to hold a job. Job tenure in a prior position doesn’t guarantee an individual will stay with you, but it’s usually a reliable indicator of success and an ability to commit to an employer.
  • Be clear about what the job entails. While you may be tempted to “sugar coat” job responsibilities in the hopes of landing a better candidate, misrepresenting the position is likely to backfire. Always present an accurate, thorough description of what the job and your company are really like – so the interviewee knows what he’s signing up for.
  • Ask about the candidate’s work history. Review each job on his resume one at a time, asking questions like:
    • Why are you no longer working for this employer?
    • Do you regret leaving this company?
    • What would your supervisor say is the reason you’re no longer working there?

The key is to keep probing. Ask for specifics to move beyond rehearsed answers and uncover the true reasons a candidate changes jobs.

  • Determine the candidate’s short- and long-term goals. Ask your interviewee to describe his plans for the next 12 months, as well as his three-to-five-year career plan. If he doesn’t have a prepared response, it may mean he doesn’t plan ahead (which doesn’t bode well for job tenure). Look for responses that: align with the career track for the available job; indicate passion for the type of work he’d be doing for you; shows he’s capable of long-term planning; reflect a desire for a good work/life balance.

PrideStaff delivers top performers – who are in it for the long haul.

Our On Target fulfillment process eliminates chance and inconsistency in the hiring process, helping you to receive better quality candidates – who will stay working for you.  Whether your needs are entry-level or management, On Target can make your hiring more successful.  Contact your local PrideStaff office today to learn more.