How to Leverage Short-Term Recruiting to Scale Your Business

These are interesting hiring times for growing businesses!  

It isn’t easy to find candidates in this tough job market, and all signs point to a continuing deficit. But some enterprising companies have found a growth hack, even in this tight labor market: short-term recruiting. 

Short-term recruiting means hiring workers on a short-term basis to fill labor gaps. It’s a tried-and-true approach to hiring that’s gaining new popularity in 2022. It can help your business: 

  • Cover vacations and planned absences 
  • Increase staffing for busy seasons 
  • Ease stress on direct employees 
  • Provide strategic skillsets for short-term projects 

But one of the biggest advantages of short-term recruiting is that it can help scale your workforce to reach planned business goals or respond to unexpected industry demands. Scale your business by using short-term recruiting to: 

Create a Growth Mindset  

When you have big goals, you need motivated, skilled employees to help you reach them. Partnering with a staffing firm can increase your access to high-performing talent actively searching for roles to gain vital experience and build their careers. When employees are genuinely invested in your company’s mission and goals—instead of watching the timeclock—your company can scale faster. 

Decrease Turnover  

Your business can’t grow if it keeps losing people. A short-term recruiting strategy leverages the experience of expert recruiters who know your business and can match candidates based on skills, experience, and cultural fit. That’s a huge advantage when it can take up to 30% of a new hire’s yearly salary to replace a bad fit. Staffing and employment agencies like PrideStaff offer temp-to-hire options, allowing you to assess a candidate’s skills and work ethic on the job before offering a direct-hire contract. 

Provide a Shorter Time to Fill 

When an unexpected growth opportunity comes your way, the last thing you want to do is say no because you don’t have enough people—or the right skills—to get the job done. In a best-case scenario, that opportunity might lead to more, and your business will keep growing. Keep up with demand by hiring short-term candidates who can bridge labor gaps and help carry you into the future. Fill open roles faster by working with a partner who can get you the people you need when you need them. 

Stay Focused on Your Business 

Time-consuming processes like interviewing and screening candidates can suck up valuable bandwidth better spent focusing on growth and innovation. Handing hiring processes over to a staffing partner allows you more time for high-level decisions. 

Save Money 

Is your business experimenting with new products or ideas? Hiring a short-term candidate with expertise in the desired area means you won’t have to pull staff from other projects. While upskilling current employees is an excellent plan, sometimes it makes more sense—and saves money—to hire an already-skilled worker for a special task. The short-term candidate can train existing staff if the experiment works out, leaving your business primed for growth. 

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