How to Navigate Your Job Search While You’re Still Employed

Finding a new job can be a full-time job.

If you’re out of work, conducting a job search can be a welcomed challenge. But if you’re already employed, how can you secure your next great opportunity – without jeopardizing your current position?

Below, our job search experts share tips for navigating your job search while you’re still working:

How to find a job when you have a job:

Keep your intentions private.

Don’t tell anyone at work that you’re looking for a new job – even trusted coworkers. Share with potential employers your need for discretion.

Only use your personal devices.

While it may be convenient to contact a potential employer from your work email or scan your resume on the company machine, it’s best not to. Your current employer may monitor your activity on company equipment.

Be smart about scheduling.

If a prospective employer asks you to interview during your work hours, let them know that you’re conducting a confidential job search. Try to schedule activities outside your work hours and use a personal day to interview if that’s not possible.

Don’t needlessly tip off your boss.

Experienced managers are good at spotting red flags that signal employees are looking for a new job. Make sure you don’t give away your intentions by:

    • Donning interview attire when you typically wear casual clothes to work. Build-in extra time to stop and change on your way.
    • Suddenly overhauling your LinkedIn profile. Do it gradually.
    • Closing your door to make or take calls if that’s not the norm for you. Conduct job search calls away from your workplace.
    • Slacking on your job performance. Maintain a positive attitude and continue giving your best.

Keep a cool head.

Avoid doing or saying anything rash just because you had a great interview. Wait until you have accepted a formal job offer and signed paperwork to notify your current employer.

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  • Connect you with the “hidden job market” (i.e., unadvertised job opportunities).
  • Preserve your anonymity, until you decide you’d like to pursue an opportunity.

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