4 Cost-Effective Ways Your Business Can Attract Top Talent

Does recruiting top talent have to cost you an arm and a leg?

Not if you’re smart about it.

In today’s employment market, savvy organizations rely on a wide range of cost-effective tactics to draw in the right candidates. What works best? Here are a few affordable, practical, and effective ways to attract great people to your organization:

1. Create a great candidate experience.

Today’s job seeker is more demanding and impatient than ever. If you want to attract the best talent, work to improve every aspect of their experience with you:

  • Develop a welcoming, convenient process for searching for and applying to jobs – on mobile and desktop.
  • Prevent communication vacuums. Keep applicants informed at every stage of your hiring process. Clear, frequent, and timely communication helps prevent candidate ghosting and can even impact an individual’s decision to accept a job offer from you.
  • Be friendly, honest, and transparent. Make sure everyone who interacts with candidates is genuinely helpful. Job seekers will scrutinize every interaction with your team, gauging your culture as well as how they’re treated.

2. Build a positive online reputation.

Great people want to work for great companies – employers who respect their staff and create a fulfilling place to work. One of the most powerful ways to attract attention from high performers is to let your reputation do the talking for you:

  • Proactively solicit testimonials from new hires.
  • Interview your best employees about what makes you an employer of choice.
  • Turn your staff into true ambassadors for your brand on social media.

3. Stay visible on social media.

Social networking platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and even Instagram have a multitude of free-to-use features to stay top-of-mind with job seekers. You can conduct searches, post career and job search content, share employee success stories, host a live Q&A with your recruiters, profile exciting projects your company is working on…you’re limited only by your imagination. With a little effort and ingenuity, you can turn your social media accounts into robust recruiting platforms.

4. Provide the perks top talent wants.

Do perks cost you money? Yes. But in the grand scheme of things, providing “extras” beyond a fair wage can help you attract and keep exceptional talent. Over time, the money you spend to offer things like job flexibility, wellness benefits, or other intangibles will be repaid many times over in terms of higher retention, performance, and discretionary effort. In this earlier post, we review the benefits great people want from their employers.

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