Implement These 5 Recruiting Strategies for a Successful 2022

The key to staffing your business successfully in 2022?

You guessed it: building a rock-solid recruiting strategy.

The last two years have transformed many aspects of attracting and hiring great people; winning today’s war for talent takes a modern, multi-faceted plan that leverages the best of technology and human connection. What approaches will prove most effective in the New Year? Below, we share our best ideas to help you recruit smarter, faster, and more successfully in 2022.

Need a primer on recruiting strategy?

In this post, “Don’t Leave It up to Luck Build a Recruitment Strategy,” we review recruitment strategy fundamentals and cover the essential elements of a proactive, comprehensive plan.

5 Recruiting Strategies for a Great 2022

1. Improve your candidate experience.

Have you ever considered your recruiting and candidate-intake process from the job seeker’s perspective? If you want to attract and hire the best, you need to. In “4 Cost-Effective Ways Your Business Can Attract Top Talent,” we share three tips for creating a candidate experience that wins over today’s demanding and impatient job seekers.

2. Cast a wider net.

Look for ways to attract a more diverse pool of talent from across generations. Experiment with tactics to broaden your recruiting reach, get your brand and jobs in front of a wider variety of job seekers, and appeal to the motivators and job-search behaviors of the groups you want to recruit from. Not sure where to start? “The Top 6 Strategies for Recruiting Millennial and Gen Z Candidates” shares ideas for attracting exceptional workers from our workforce’s youngest generations.

3. Build a passive recruitment strategy.

Keep in mind that your ideal candidates may not be scouring job postings; they may be gainfully employed but receptive to new opportunities. Create a recruiting strategy that includes tactics designed to: cultivate online relationships with passive candidates, position your jobs as smart career moves, generate more referrals, and build interest in your employment brand.

4. Recruit from within.

One of the smartest things you can do in today’s environment is to develop and promote your promising employees. Not only do you get instant access to proven performers who mesh with your culture, but keeping those talented people growing within your organization is also key to their retention and performance.

5. Outsource your recruiting.

With today’s diverse and complex recruiting challenges, posting jobs online is simply not enough to find the best candidates for critical roles. What’s more, implementing social recruiting strategies, direct recruiting strategies, and ones like the ideas listed above takes massive resources and substantial expertise. And that’s exactly why it makes sense to outsource your recruiting to a staffing agency or professional recruiting firm. As best practices evolve, recruiters and search consultants stay at the leading edge of their field. They leverage technology, vast talent networks, and the right mix of recruiting strategies to quickly and cost-effectively refer your ideal candidates. Best of all, you pay nothing unless you hire an individual they present.

Hiring in 2022?

Trust your search to PrideStaff’s recruiting experts. We employ a full complement of proven recruitment strategies to attract the best candidates, especially in industries or locations where they’re the hardest to find.

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