Keeping Your Team Motivated During the Holidays

Employees thumbing through their phones more often than usual these days? Seeming more distracted? Talking more about gifts and parties than they are about work?

It must be the holidays.

In all fairness, most of us are a little bit off our games during the holiday season. The excitement (and added stress) of the time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s can diminish focus, undermine productivity and increase absenteeism throughout your company.

Want some tips for keeping your team motivated during the holidays? Here are several you can use to maintain peak performance during the “most wonderful time of the year”:

Stay one step ahead of stress. If your business gets crazy during the holidays, nip performance and motivation problems in the bud by maintaining a positive, fun work environment:

  • Have an ugly holiday sweater contest.
  • Create a work tradition for exchanging small gifts.
  • Take 5-minute “fun” breaks to re-focus and recharge employees – especially when work is stressful.
  • Allow employees to decorate their work areas for the holidays.

Take the lead. Your example will resonate through the ranks! Make sure you follow the good advice you give your employees. Stay focused on your goals, but don’t stretch yourself too thin. Take good care of your health. Balance work priorities with family time. Find small ways to make the holidays special at work.

Provide the support employees need. Your team works hard throughout the year; now is the perfect time to give them the gift of well-deserved time off:

  • Encourage employees to take earned vacation time.
  • Allow employees a little more flexibility in their work schedules to meet non-work commitments.
  • Treat workers to a little extra time off if things are slow.
  • If the holidays are typically your busy season, organize vacation and time-off requests ahead of time to ensure you can honor requests and still get your work done.

Then, give your local PrideStaff office a call. Whether you need a single line worker to cover a shift, or a comprehensive workforce solution to manage increased seasonal demand, we can provide the support you need to:

  • Prevent demoralizing overwork, job stress and burnout.
  • Help your team maintain a healthy work-life balance.
  • Ensure employees stay motivated, productive and efficient throughout the holiday season.