So, Did I Get the Job or What?

Cringing at this post title?

Can’t imagine asking anything so brazen at the conclusion of a job interview?

Or thinking how great it would be to know if you landed the job before you even leave the interview room?

Honestly, “Did I get the job?” is on every job seeker’s mind after the interview. But is it a smart question to ask – or just plain rude?

First of all, we don’t recommend that you blurt out, “So, did I get the job or what?” Here’s why:

The question is pushy – and makes you sound desperate. It’s the equivalent of asking, “Will you marry me?” at the end of a first date.

The interviewer likely won’t have a straight answer to give you. He probably won’t know whether or not he’ll make you a job offer at the interview’s conclusion. In most companies, the hiring process has several steps and includes multiple decision-makers. At a minimum, your interviewer will need to do the following before reaching a hiring decision:

  • compare your qualifications and experience to other candidates’;
  • confer with other managers about your candidacy;
  • conduct a thorough reference check.

So if you shouldn’t come right out and ask whether or not you landed the job, what can you do to convey your interest and keep yourself from going insane once the interview is over?

Ask a more appropriate follow-up question. “What is the next step in the hiring process?” is a much more professional question to ask. At the interview’s end, find out the company’s timeline for making a hiring decision. Ask the interviewer what will happen next, as well as the best ways and times for you to follow up. Not only will this alleviate post-interview anxiety; it will leave the favorable impression that you’re proactive and passionate about the opportunity.


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