5 Ways to Take a Mental Break and Stay Productive

Work Break

Most of us work diligently to improve our focus. It’s essential to productivity and an important driver of success in the workplace.

But the human brain can only focus for so long before it needs a rest.

Research shows that balancing periods of focused work with mental breaks allow individuals to be more resilient, creative and better at making decisions. Today, our national employment and staffing agency shares a few work-friendly ways to take a quick mental vacation – and optimize your performance on the job:

  1. Daydream.
    Letting your mind relax, your thoughts wander and your focus drift to something that makes you happy activates your brain differently. In fact, daydreaming involves the same mental processes associated with imagination and creativity – which may lead to new insights and fresh ideas.
  2. Call your mom.
    Well, it doesn’t have to be your mom; speaking with anyone you love can provide an emotional pick-me-up. Often, a brief non-work conversation provides your mind with enough of a break to reset your focus.
  3. Move more.
    If your work is sedentary, a quick stroll around the building or even “deskercise” can help combat fatigue and strain. When your attention and motivation wane, try five minutes of stretching, walking or calisthenics. Increasing oxygen flow throughout your body will lift your mood, give you a much-needed energy boost and relieve tension – all of which are great for improving productivity.
  4. Have a good laugh.
    Times have been tough lately, making it more important than ever to create moments of levity. Humor can help you relieve stress, reduce anxiety and maintain your emotional well-being – so look for ways to inject more fun and laughs in your day. Go online and watch a few minutes of your favorite comedian or sitcom. Share a funny anecdote (that is work-appropriate, of course) with a colleague. Adding humor to your day will improve attitude and make tackling tough projects a bit easier.
  5. Play a game.
    Sudoku. Tetris. Donut County. Wordscapes. Nerf basketball. Games like these are immensely popular because they serve an important purpose: distraction. Shifting your focus to a different type of enjoyable activity, even for five minutes, allows your brain to disengage and recover. Just be sure to set a timer (those five minutes will go by quickly!). When you return to work, your focus will be markedly improved.

Mental health breaks can be great productivity boosters, but sometimes they’re just not enough to help you accomplish everything you need to do. As a leading national employment agency, PrideStaff offers a full complement of staffing and placement solutions to save time, improve focus, eliminate busywork and relieve administrative burdens. Contact your local PrideStaff office today to find out how we can make your entire team more productive.