More People are Valuing Career Flexibility – Here’s Why It’s So Beneficial

“I can’t—I have to work.”

Do you miss opportunities or struggle to schedule important responsibilities because your job demands the bulk of your time? It doesn’t have to be that way.

Many workers these days are prioritizing flexibility and work-life balance. They want to do meaningful work and have time to meet family and personal needs. If you want more flexibility in your schedule, but need benefits and a steady paycheck, here’s why you should consider working with a staffing firm (like PrideStaff!).

  • Increased options. Your recruiter will sit down with you to learn your skills, experience, and career goals to make the best matches for you. They will often perform skills assessments to discover untapped opportunities. Instead of hunting for jobs, your recruiter will hunt for you, presenting multiple options to help you choose the one with the most flexibility.
  • More variety. Recruiters work with multiple industries and are familiar with many roles. Working with a staffing firm may help you discover a new type of work that offers the work-life balance and flexibility you desire.
  • Industry expertise. Your recruiter becomes your career partner. They have connections with top employers, know when they are hiring, and understand what they are looking for in their ideal candidates. As an industry expert, your recruiter can help you polish your resume, prepare for interviews, and help you optimize your chances of getting hired.
  • Job security. Like gig work, which became a popular flexible job option during the pandemic, temporary work allows you to choose when and how you want to work. However, unlike gig work, temp work provides a reliable paycheck, great benefits, and a path for career advancement.

Find Flexible Jobs with PrideStaff

Work with a national employment agency to find jobs that help you create the work-life balance you deserve! Partnering with PrideStaff can help you:

  • Build valuable skills and career experience
  • Explore new roles and work environments
  • Create a path to a dream job

Contact the PrideStaff office in your area to find out more about flexible local job opportunities.

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