Professions with High Growth Rates in 2015

In today’s world of work, there’s no “sure thing.”

But you can increase your job security dramatically by choosing a career that’s in high demand.

What jobs are hot in 2015? Today, PrideStaff shows you. We’ve compiled data from two major sources and present you with the following list of professions with high growth rates in 2015:

Fastest Growing Occupations from the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Position Job Growth, 2012-2022 Median Annual Wage (2012)
Industrial-organizational psychologists 53.40% $34,750
Personal care aides 48.80% $19,910
Home health aides 48.50% $20,820
Insulation workers, mechanical 46.70% $39,170
Interpreters and translators 46.10% $45,430

CareerBuilder takes a different approach to determining high-growth occupations, basing their numbers on supply and demand. Their list features occupations for which the number of jobs posted each month is significantly higher than the number of people hired. As a result, their numbers show where employers are struggling the most with hiring:

Top Jobs for 2015, Requiring a College Education:

Position Job Growth, 2010-2014 Median Hourly Earnings
Web Developer 17% $28.02
Software Developer, Applications 15% $44.66
Marketing Executive 10% $57.42
Physical Therapist 10% $38.63

Top Jobs for 2015 that do Not Require a College Degree (but may require additional training):

Position Job Growth, 2010-2014 Median Hourly Earnings
Demonstrator/Product Promoter 10% $12.26
Truck Driver (heavy and tractor trailer) 9% $18.37
Telemarketer 8% $11.03
Purchasing Manager 7% $49.86

Want to work in a high-growth field?

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