Your Time to Hire is Killing Profitability and Morale

From time-to-time, every organization is bound to struggle with filling a vacant position.

Whether strict hiring criteria, timing, geography, or a lack of qualified applicants is to blame, one thing is certain: vacant positions are bad for business. Here’s why:

Reduced productivity and profitability. When you don’t have the people you need, work piles up. Mistakes increase. Deadlines are missed. Ultimately, end users, whether they’re customers or clients, become frustrated – and may take their business elsewhere.

Reduced morale. When a position goes unfilled for a prolonged period, other team members are typically expected to “pick up the slack.” While overtime and hard work may be short-term solutions, they’re not viable over the long-term. Eventually, the extra hours and stress on your employees will lead to resentment, job burnout and higher turnover rates.

So even though top talent is getting harder to hire, you don’t have the luxury of time. Here are three quick tips for shortening your time to hire, to keep profitability and morale high:

Cast a wider net. Use a broader range of recruiting tools, including social media, referrals, traditional job postings and direct networking, to make your recruiting more effective.

Accelerate your timetables. Consider combining first and second round interviews into a single event, or streamlining your post-interview decision-making.  Do whatever you can to shorten your time to hire (without sacrificing quality), so fewer candidates drop out during the process.

Partner with a qualified staffing agency. PrideStaff understands how hard it is to find the good people you need. Our national staffing agency provides a number of options to fill your open roles more quickly, minimizing the impact of position vacancies:

  • Access experienced temporary workers to provide the support you require, minimizing downtime and lost productivity. Learn more about PrideStaff’s Workforce Growth Solutions.
  • Should a temporary exceed your expectations while on assignment, a temp-to-hire conversion allows you to hire him directly.
  • Our direct-hire services shorten your time to hire, alleviate the time-consuming administrative burdens of recruiting and screening, and consistently deliver high performers who want to work for you.  Best of all?  You only pay a fee if you hire a candidate we refer, and we guarantee our results.  Learn more about PrideStaff’s On Target fulfillment process today.