Quick Tips on How to Plan Your Hiring Strategy

Across the country, restrictions are being lifted – and people are getting back to work.

But hiring them is anything BUT back to normal.

With fewer people in the workforce, more people interested in remote work, incomplete vaccination efforts, and competition for great candidates on the rise, recruiting is tougher than ever.

What should you do to ensure you can hire the best and brightest in today’s market? Here are four ways to shift your strategy:

Hone your virtual hiring process.

Remote work is here to stay. But even if you’re not hiring for remote roles, you should still take advantage of virtual hiring technology to broaden your candidate pool. In this post, “Improve Your Virtual Hiring Experience,” we share four ways to improve the virtual hiring experience to attract better talent, prevent candidate drop-off, and prime new hires for success.

Maintain momentum throughout your hiring process.

Every day a candidate spends in your recruiting and hiring funnel is one more day they’re vulnerable to a competitor’s offer. Look for ways to streamline every aspect of your process to remove stalls, bottlenecks, communication vacuums, and inefficiencies that slow hiring, from candidate intake through final onboarding.

Consider internal candidates.

According to LinkedIn data, internal mobility is up 20% since the pandemic’s onset. The reasons why are obvious:

  • The hiring process is shorter.
  • Acquisition costs are lower.
  • Culture fit has already been confirmed.

If your organization hasn’t already, consider the value of building out a program to identify needed skill sets, close skill gaps in your current workforce, and build a more robust internal mobility program.

Cover workforce gaps with temporary to-hire personnel.

If your hiring needs are immediate, a national staffing agency like PrideStaff is the perfect partner to help you quickly fill vacant roles. With our temporary to hire option, you can evaluate a temporary associate’s work ethic and culture fit while they’re working for you on assignment. If you’re impressed with their job performance and they mesh well with your core team, we can work with you to convert the associate to a direct employee.

Looking for more smart changes you can make to hire more successfully in today’s environment?