3 Solutions to the Top Recruiting Problems

solutions to recruiting problems

Are you drowning in a sea of unqualified applicants…or unable to find even a single qualified candidate?

Are recruiting and interviewing tech tools giving you fits…or are you struggling to convey your culture and brand to job seekers?

Today’s biggest recruiting challenges are diverse and complex – and many are completely new in the wake of the pandemic. But as best practices evolve, PrideStaff’s recruiters stay at the leading edge to develop new solutions.

Here are three of the top problems our clients are facing, with ideas to overcome each – to help you hire more successfully in 2020 and beyond:

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Solutions to Today’s Biggest Recruiting Challenges

Challenge 1: Application Abandonment and Ghosting

If the process of finding work with your organization is cumbersome, it turns job seekers off. Likewise, if talented candidates apply, only to be met with a void of silence, they’ll quickly become frustrated – and move onto the next opportunity.

  • Solution: Scrutinize and improve your candidate experience. Successful recruiting involves creating a great first impression of your company, welcoming job seekers, and making the hiring process simple and convenient. Analyze every step of your candidate intake process to be sure that you’re not unintentionally driving good people away. In today’s environment, you need the right tech, personal touch, and iron-clad processes to create a positive candidate experience –keeping talented individuals engaged and in your recruiting funnel.


Challenge 2: A Glut of Candidates

On the other side of the spectrum, many recruiters and HR managers are seeing a deluge of job seekers. With unemployment still high, this is little surprise. In conditions like these, carefully sorting through dozens – or hundreds – of resumes and screening applicants can overwhelm your hiring team.

  • Solution: Update your recruiting technology. If you’re flooded with unqualified candidates, consider adding a chatbot. This tech can help you prequalify and filter out candidates who don’t have the right skills and experience – so you can focus on individuals who are a great fit.
  • Solution: Outsource a portion or all of your recruiting process. A qualified recruiting partner like PrideStaff can free you from the time-consuming aspects of hiring, referring only qualified, vetted candidates for your consideration.


Challenge 3: Going virtual with interviews

If you’ve completed even a single video interview, you understand the challenges that come along with them: unpredictable tech, spotty internet, inconsistency, and more. As social distancing continues to be the norm, you need to master video interviewing to hire the best.

  • Solution: Invest, commit, and train. Overcoming this challenge requires a long-term approach.
    • Start by evaluating a few video platforms to find the most reliable, convenient option for you and your candidates.
    • Create new processes for testing tech on both ends, breaking the digital ice, and addressing the other nuances of video interviews.
    • Train all your interviewers on best practices for video interviews, to ensure you get high-quality information to fairly evaluate candidates.
    • Develop new tools (e.g., short videos or other resources on your website) to virtually showcase your employment brand and company culture. Share these resources before, during, and after video interviews to convey what it’s like to work for your company.


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