We Hear You! The Power of Positive Feedback

PrideStaff’s mission: “Consistently provide client experiences focused on what they value most” is a moving target. Our clients’ needs change over time, and we strive to deliver results, especially in uncertain times when our expertise helps our valued clients thrive.

One way we learn what matters most to you is through positive feedback like the following reviews listed on ClearlyRated:

“The PrideStaff team was very responsive and allowed me to offload some routine tasks so I could focus on bigger issues for our growing business.” A client on October 21, 2022

“Pridestaff provided us quick, professional service and great placements! I recommend them to anyone seeking great talent on short notice.” A client on November 3, 2021

“Pridestaff is very good at communicating with clients. They listen to feedback on candidates that were sent over or interviewed and take that back to the team to ensure they are only sending over quality matches and making the most of everyone’s time. They even share feedback with candidates which we feel is important to help give everyone the best chance of landing their ideal position.” A client on April 21, 2022

We love knowing what you value about our service—just as your employees appreciate hearing what you value about their work.

Positive feedback:

  • Helps us learn from success.
    A verbal pat on the back, such as “Good job!” is all well and good, but it doesn’t tell you what was so great about your performance. Specific feedback that explains what was done well and why it was valuable will have the most impact.
  • Makes us feel more engaged in the workplace.
    Delivering positive feedback can spark a two-way conversation about what works and what doesn’t, leading to improvements in the workplace.
  • Supports performance standards.
    Positive feedback can help workers identify superior performance and encourage them to strive for success. By calling out excellence when it occurs, you’ll reinforce your organization’s standards and make your expectations clear.
  • Encourages progress.
    Many employees strive to improve their work. Recognizing their effort with positive feedback—especially publicly—can encourage them to continue making progress.

Keep the feedback coming!

Our objective is to deliver what matters most to you, and we want to know how we can support your business goals. Need more reliable workers? Better access to hard-to-find talent? Tell us how we can help—contact your local PrideStaff recruiter today!

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