Hiring Trends: Dealing with a Shortage of Qualified Talent

What percent of employers struggle with talent shortages?

Try HALF (or nearly so).

Data from PrideStaff’s 2014 Online Workforce and Hiring Trends Survey  shows that more than half (56.2%) of all hiring managers surveyed reported a shortage of qualified talent as their biggest challenge. Here are a few more specifics from the survey:

  • Respondents cited skilled workers (42.6%) and general laborers (25.9%) as the job categories with the largest skills gaps.
  • An increase in domestic manufacturing, coupled with rising consumer confidence, has fueled hiring demand in these job categories. Skilled labor such as CNC machinists, welders, machine operators and forklift drivers, as well as general laborers, are in high demand.
  • A general lack of work readiness, combined with a technical skills mismatch between applicants and available jobs, has made it challenging to fill openings in a variety of job categories. 

A number of other factors, including the retirement of baby boomers, a smaller replacement population of workers, and a slowly improving economy, are compounding the problem – and making finding qualified talent tougher than ever.

How can you address these skill shortages?

  • Make recruiting more proactive. Don’t wait for projects to start or orders to come in. Begin sourcing talent well in advance of your actual needs to remove time pressure. By developing a pool of qualified candidates, you will be better prepared once a hiring need arises.
  • Partner with a leading national employment agency. As a true consultative partner, PrideStaff will take the time to learn about your true business goals and analyze your existing workforce plan. Together, we can develop a cost-effective, flexible staffing strategy that provides the specialized talent you need.
  • Shorten your hiring cycle. If any portion of your hiring process is cumbersome or lengthy, great candidates may abandon ship. Critically examine your application, screening, interviewing and vetting activities, identifying ways to streamline and expedite processes – without sacrificing quality. Again, a national staffing agency like PrideStaff can dramatically reduce your time-to-hire, providing the qualified resources you need quickly and cost-effectively.

Need help addressing skills shortages in your organization? Contact PrideStaff today to learn more about our Workforce Growth Solutions and On Target fulfillment process