Hiring Trends: Least and Most Effective Recruiting Tools

Good people are getting harder to find.

No news there; but what may surprise you are the channels today’s employers find most useful in sourcing talent.

In May 2014, PrideStaff conducted an online survey with nearly 1,000 individuals to gauge workforce and hiring trends. Among other things, the survey asked respondents to rate a variety of recruitment tools to gauge their effectiveness.

Q: How effective are each of the following recruitment tools?

Respondents rated a wide range of tools (including in house recruiters, job boards, staffing and recruiting firms, social media, job fairs, talent communities, classified ads and referrals) as “Extremely Effective,” “Somewhat Effective,” “Not Very Effective,” “Not at All Effective,” or “Unsure/Have Never Tried.”

Here are a few notable results:

  • Staffing and recruiting firms are viewed as the most effective recruitment tool. Nearly 75% of respondents rated them as either extremely or somewhat effective. Staffing and recruiting firms also received the lowest percentage of people reporting them as a tool that was not effective (1%). Finally, the findings show that only 14% of companies surveyed don’t rely on staffing and recruiting firms to assist with hiring.
  • Referrals continue to yield strong results. Good people know good people, and our survey results confirm this. According to our data, 80% of hiring managers report that referrals are an effective recruitment tool. In fact, they’re one of the most-used recruitment channels, with only 9% of respondents reporting they don’t use referrals in their recruitment mix.

Want more information on how U.S. employers are using recruitment tools?

Follow this link to access the full PrideStaff Hiring Survey report.

“Cast a Wider Net” to Make Your Recruiting More Effective

We’ll say it again: good people are getting harder to find. To recruit the best candidates in today’s tight talent market, use a broader range of sourcing tools. Better yet, partner with a national staffing firm like PrideStaff that uses the right mix of recruiting tools for your hiring needs. Contact us today to learn more about our On Target fulfillment process