How Does Your Company Mission Impact Recruitment?

Your company mission statement embodies the goals and values of your organization. It puts the “why” of your business into words and differentiates you from your competition. A well-defined mission is a great way to communicate your company’s brand and identity, ensuring employees are on the same page and working toward the same goals.

Similarly, your mission statement can be a tool for attracting talent aligned with your company values. Here are 3 ways your company mission statement can influence your recruitment process and benefit your business.

Attract Top Talent

Many job seekers today want meaningful work where they can make a difference. In some cases, rewarding work ranks even higher than salary. A great mission statement can be a powerful draw for passionate workers who embrace your company’s values. Job seekers may decide whether they want to apply based on what they know about your mission, vision, and values, hoping for the chance to work with like-minded people in an inspiring work environment.

Make Better Hiring Decisions

Use your mission statement to aid your decision-making process when you are interviewing candidates. Ask yourself, “Does this candidate seem like they will live our mission and uphold our values?” By answering this question, you can avoid making hires based solely on skills and experience without taking into consideration how the individual will add to the culture of your company. On the other side of that equation, you may identify individuals who are an excellent fit for your mission but lack experience for the job. In this case, you might decide to hire them anyway, providing the opportunity for them to improve their skills while carrying out your mission.

Retain High-Performing Talent

Employees who feel like their work contributes to the larger mission of the organization experience greater employee satisfaction and an increased sense of belonging. By helping your employees understand that their work is important, appreciated, and meaningful, you give them a reason to continue giving their best each day. With the Great Resignation still underway, ensuring your employees understand your mission and know their value cements their loyalty to your organization, retaining valuable company knowledge and reducing recruitment costs.

Looking for great employees who will uphold your company mission?

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