Overcome the Talent Shortage! Revamp Your Candidate Experience

The talent shortage isn’t going away. We’re in a Sansdemic—a labor shortfall that will continue into the future. Companies that embrace this situation and look for ways to improve the candidate experience will outpace the competition and grow despite the small talent pool.

How can you improve the candidate experience at your firm? Consider these tips to attract and engage top talent:

Walk The Candidate Experience

Many staffing firms know what it’s like to work for their agency on the inside but aren’t sure how job seekers perceive what it would be like to work with them. Take a walk through your candidate experience, from application through onboarding and deployment. Every interaction with your firm helps job seekers decide if they want to work with you. Find opportunities in the process to create a friendly, honest, and welcoming impression.

Polish Your Brand

Does your candidate-facing technology and brand messaging make job seekers feel welcome? Review your messaging to ensure potential candidates know they will be treated well. Social media offers many opportunities to show why your company is a great place to work. Post pictures, videos, and information about what it’s like to work with you.

Keep It Simple

Our attention spans are getting shorter. To capture—and keep—job seekers’ attention, make it as easy as possible to apply for jobs, especially on mobile. The fewer fields and clicks required, the more applications you’ll receive!


Don’t leave job seekers’ wondering where they are in the hiring process. Communicate clearly and often to let them know you value their time and the opportunity to work with them.

Offer Relevant Benefits

To leverage your candidate experience for success, you must know what’s important to job seekers—and make it clear your staffing firm provides those benefits. If you don’t know what your employees value in their work—or workplace—ask them. Gather feedback that will help you target the needs of your workforce, and then follow through with implementing requested benefits (where feasible).

What’s most important to today’s workforce? Priorities vary by individual and company, but many candidates today are looking for flexibility, work-life balance, and health benefits. Make your company a more rewarding place to work by offering perks like:

  • Flexible work. Many employees discovered working from home or the opportunity to choose their work hours greatly improved their job satisfaction. If you are able, offer employees flexible work options.
  • Paid time off. Life happens. When unexpected events impact an employee’s schedule, having the ability to take a day off without repercussions is a much-appreciated benefit. Many employees also enjoy giving back to the community through paid time off for volunteer activities.
  • Wellness benefits. Show employees you care about their well-being by offering fitness activities, wellness clubs, health screenings, stress reduction resources, health insurance, and other benefits that prioritize good health.

Partner With PrideStaff

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