How to Create a Culture Where People Matter

Employees want more than just a paycheck and great benefits after surviving the uncertainty of the last few years. They also want to feel valued for doing meaningful work.

They know their worth in this tight labor market—and so do you.

So how can you make it crystal clear to both current employees and candidates that you appreciate and value what they bring to your organization? Consider these ways of communicating appreciation to your valued—and valuable—employees:

Create Opportunities

A powerful way to make employees feel appreciated is by sharing how their work fits into the big picture of the company’s mission, vision, and values. Helping them to see a career path within the organization and providing professional development, upskilling, and internal promotion opportunities can also increase their sense of value to the company.

Lead With Empathy

Putting yourself in your employees’ shoes and seeing their lives from their perspective may help you understand how to appreciate them better. Many people struggle with personal issues that affect their work performance. Showing understanding and empathy will help them feel valued as humans—not just as employees.

Ask for Insight

Make it a priority to check in with employees and ask them what they need most from the company. More compensation? Better health benefits? More flexibility? Every person is different, and the work world has changed dramatically over the last few years. You may not get a concrete answer from every person, but you will have made your point: you care. If you get actionable suggestions, following through will build trust and improve employee satisfaction.

Include Intentionally

Many employees today want remote work options. However,—as we have discovered—working remotely can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness. Providing flexible schedules and remote work options are table stakes in today’s work world. However, with those options, employers must find new ways to build a culture of inclusion, where all employees feel welcomed and connected.

Stay Ready

The more things change…the more they change. Creating a culture where your employees feel valued is not a one-and-done activity. The work world will continue to feel the effects of the pandemic, and employers should continue to adapt to the changing needs of employees.

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