The Best Advice from 2015

Want a New Year’s resolution that’s great for your company or your career?

Resolve to read our blog posts each month! In them, we share research, insights and best practices on everything from finding a great job to improving productivity and profitability for your organization.

If you need a little help catching up, here’s PrideStaff’s best advice from 2015:

2015 Best Career and Job Search Advice

Asking Good Questions Just Might Land You the Job

Believe it or not, your interviewer actually wants you to ask questions! Just make sure the ones you ask demonstrate your preparedness and interest in the job. Here’s a list you can customize for your next interview:

Dealing with Toxic Coworkers

Forced to work with people who get on your nerves, don’t pull their weight, or constantly complain? Use this practical advice to deal with someone you’re not getting along with at work:

Top 5 Resume Mistakes

Avoid these critical resume errors to create a top-notch resume that will get a recruiter’s attention – and put you in contention for the job you want:

Why Didn’t I Get the Job?

You had high hopes after you completed your interview, but after hearing those vaguely promising words – “We’ll be in touch” – nothing. What went wrong? Here’s how to find out:

Let Me Get This Straight: Being Overqualified is a Bad Thing?

What’s “too much” experience – and how can you avoid appearing overqualified for the job? Here are 5 things you can do during the job search process to position yourself as the ideal candidate:


2015 HR and Management Best Practices

How to Manage Drama Queens and Kings

They’re difficult, loud and generally disruptive. Here’s the most effective approach for calming drama queens and kings, so you can move past the “stage show” – and get back to work:

How to Spend the First 15 Minutes of Your Work Day

Ever get to the end of your work day and wonder where the time went? Here are 4 steps to get off to a more productive start each morning:

5 Things You Need to Do to Keep Employees Happy

Need a little inspiration for keeping your troops happy? Here are 5 ways to express your appreciation for the hard-working people who drive your success, every day:

How Does Your Turnover Compare?

Are too many good employees leaving your company in favor of “greener pastures” elsewhere? Data from PrideStaff’s 2015 Employee Retention Survey can help you determine how your turnover rates compare – and how to minimize the negative impact a “revolving door” has on your organization:

5 Ways to Engage Top Talent

Engagement doesn’t just happen, and performance is not a reliable predictor of how happy your employees really are. Here are 5 things managers in your company can do – starting today – to address the top 5 high-performer demotivators:

From all of us at your local PrideStaff office, we hope these posts help you get off to a great start in 2016!