Temporary Staffing Use on the Rise

Smart business starts with smart strategy – especially when it comes to staffing.

Today, we explain why!

In May 2014, PrideStaff conducted an online survey with nearly 1,000 individuals to gauge workforce and hiring trends. Among other things, the survey asked respondents about the staffing solutions they plan to use.

Q: What types of employment solutions will you use to fill your needs?

  • 72.1% Full-time employees
  • 48.1% Temporary / contract staff
  • 7.9% Freelance / consultants
  • 6.2% Outsourcing

With skills shortages making hiring more challenging, nearly 50% of employers plan to turn to temporary and contract staff to help fill their needs.

Why are employers embracing more flexible staffing models?

In decades past, temporary employees were only used as short-term fill-ins when employees called in sick or went on vacation. But in recent years, skills shortages, economic uncertainty and changing healthcare legislation have vastly changed the way we utilize contingent staff. Smart employers no longer consider temporary employees a “band-aid” solution, but a strategic workforce management tool to:

  • Find the best talent. With talent shortages becoming an increasing concern across the board, a qualified staffing partner can help you gain a competitive advantage. Experts in recruiting, staffing agencies ensure quick access to the skilled, experienced people you need.
  • Save money. By keeping full-time headcounts at a base level and supplementing staff when needed, you can reduce overhead and eliminate the need for overtime pay.
  • Improve retention. Using temporary staff to support full-time staff helps eliminate stress, improve morale and keep your top performers from pursuing other job offers.
  • Mitigate the impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). A staffing partner can help you develop a more strategic workforce model to plan for the increased costs associated with ACA reform. Use their knowledge of compliance and regulations to limit your insurance cost, while still allowing for the addition of staff to meet your growing demands.

Looking for more information on U.S. temporary staffing and hiring trends?

Follow this link to access the full PrideStaff Hiring Survey report.

Achieve your goals by using staffing strategically.

No matter what your organization is trying to achieve – finding talented people, controlling employment costs and risks, lowering turnover, increasing productivity – a national staffing firm like PrideStaff can help you succeed.  Contact us to learn more about our strategic workforce solutions.