Job Search Checklist: Find a Position You Love This Year!

Is “finding a great new job” at the top of your New Year’s resolution list?

Then today’s post is just for you. Below, we’ve created a handy checklist you can use to take the most direct and successful path to find a job you’ll thrive in.

2022 Job Search Checklist

Here are your job search “must-dos” for the New Year:

Choose a direction for your career.

If you want to find a job that’s engaging, fulfilling, and brings out the best in you, be intentional about your career path. Consider what you value most, as well as what you’ve enjoyed (and not enjoyed) in your prior jobs.

These posts will help you define a roadmap for your career and help you decide what types of opportunities you should apply to:

What Are You Great At?

Do You Have a Career Path?

Arm yourself with knowledge.

The modern job search has changed. If you haven’t looked for a new position in a while, spend a little time educating yourself on what’s new. Here are a few posts to help:

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Update your resume, cover letter, and references.

Freshen up your online presence.

  • Google yourself to make sure employers won’t find anything online about you that you don’t want them to.
  • Scrutinize your portfolio, professional social profiles, and any other online content you use to represent yourself to employers.
  • Remove, add and update the information, so everything is current – and tells a cohesive career story that explains why you’re ideally suited for the type of role you’re pursuing.

Search for jobs.

Once you have your prep work done, it’s time to identify opportunities. Here are a few ideas for finding the best jobs for your career goals, personality, and priorities:

  • Apply with PrideStaff. Put our recruiters to work for you! When you submit your resume and interview with us, we become your job search agent – vetting opportunities and presenting those that are a great fit for your needs. Apply just once, and instantly be considered for assignments and direct jobs anywhere you want to work. Learn more about how PrideStaff recruiters can help you find a rewarding job.
  • Tap your network: friends, former colleagues. Let them know you’re searching and ask for their help. Maximize your reach and opportunities by attending relevant career fairs and industry events.
  • Conduct your own online job search. Many job boards allow you to customize your search and even set up customized job alerts, so you’re instantly notified when new opportunities that are right for you become available.

Prepare to shine in your interviews.

Success in a modern job interview is all about making a great impression, conveying your value, and positioning yourself as the ideal candidate. Check out these posts for more tips:

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Be Confident, Not Cocky, During Your Interview

Ready to find a great job in the New Year? PrideStaff can help.

Our recruiters will get to know the whole of you – your skills, interests, and career goals – and then connect you with jobs that are perfect for you. Contact the PrideStaff office in your area to find out more about great local job opportunities.